Page 121

The k's in the two displayed equations at the top should be upper case.

Page 174

The diffusivity value for myosin should be 0.11, therefore the
time to cross 0.01 mm is 5 seconds and to cross 1 mm is 50,000

Page 219

The capacitance of the axon membrane is about 1 microfarad; this is
1 times 10 to the MINUS 6th power farad.

Page 278

The file exer964.m in Problem 5 should be

Yprime=[-k1*Y(1)+km1*Y(2); k1*Y(1)-(km1+k2)*Y(2); k2*Y(2)];

(km1 in place of k1).

Page 312

In the displayed equation for minus A inverse f the first component
of f should be 493/10.

Page 391

The Jacobian was computed with a different set of parameters,
namely h=1.1, rho=0.024, R=0.86, tau=0.38. When computed with
the values in Table 11.4.1 the Jacobian is
[-0.04 0.222 0.032 -0.045]
[-0.23 -0.107 -2.129 -0.478]
[ 0.28 -0.114 2.097 0.523]

Maple code to compute the Jacobian is

Page 315

At the top of the page, the coefficient c sub 5 should be
c sub 6.